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Dr Ong Kong Wee

MBBS (Singapore), FRCS (Edinburgh), PhD (Bristol), FAMS


Dr Ong Kong Wee runs his own practice at K W Ong Breast and General Surgery Clinic at Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital and Farrer Park Hospital.

His main clinical focus is on the diagnosis and management of benign and malignant breast conditions, based upon up-to-date medical evidence and techniques. His clinical interests include minimally invasive breast surgery, sentinel lymph node biopsy, breast conserving surgery and breast reconstruction for breast cancer.

He was the Founding Head of the SingHealth Duke-NUS Breast Centre from 2014 to 2018, which is the largest centre in Singapore treating the full spectrum of breast conditions. In 2018, he received a 20-year Long Service Award in recognition of his years of contribution.

In 2012, he initiated the technique of Intra-Operative Radiotherapy in the treatment of early breast cancers. Given his expertise in minimally invasive breast biopsies such as vacuum-assisted needle biopsy and hookwire localisation, he has been a Regional Medical Consultant to Becton Dickinson since 2018.

Dr Ong has a keen interest in breast cancer research and has many publications in top journals such as Nature Genetics, Lancet Oncology and Clinical Cancer Research. 

Dr Ong is actively involved in medical education and training. He was Adjunct Assistant Professor at Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore, and Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School. He served as Director of Resident and Student Mentorship at the Academic Clinical Program (Surgery) in SingHealth and was a Clinical Physician Faculty for the SingHealth General Surgery Residency Program. He was awarded the Outstanding Faculty Award in 2014. He has also trained many breast surgeons from neighbouring countries, including Philippines, Indonesia and Myanmar. He is frequently invited to lecture at local and international breast cancer conferences, and to conduct surgical workshops in the region.

Patient care is of paramount importance to Dr Ong. His efforts have been acknowledged at the National level, with a Special Mention in Customer Service (Healthcare) category at the Singapore Experience Awards in 2009 and a Silver Award at the Singapore Health Quality Service Awards.

  • Fellow, Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh
  • Fellow, Academy of Medicine, Singapore
  • Becton Dickinson Biopsy Regional Trainer 
  • 20 year Long Service Award – Singapore Health Services, 2018
  • Silver Award – Singapore Health Quality Service Award, 2018
  • Singapore Experience Awards: Customer Service – Healthcare Special Mention, 2009
  • Singhealth Human Manpower Development Program Award – Clinical Research and Advanced Surgical Training in Breast Cancer, 2008
  • Singapore General Hospital Oral Papers – Winner (Medicine), 2005
  • Medical Research Fellowship, National Medical Research Council, Singapore, 1st Aug 1999 – 31st Dec 2002
  • Best Houseman Award, Department of Oncology and UrogynaecologyKandangKerbau Women’s and Children’s Hospital, Singapore, 1st Sep 1997 – 31st Dec 1997
  • Nestle Book Prize for Best Student in Paediatrics Clinical Clerkship, National University of Singapore, Final Professional Examination, 1996-7
  • Dean’s List, National University of Singapore, Final Professional Examination, 1996-7
  • Dean’s List, National University of Singapore, Third Professional Examination, 1995-6
  • Dean’s List, National University of Singapore, Second Professional Examination, 1994-5
  • Academy of Medicine Bronze Medal, National University of Singapore, First Professional Examination, 1993-4
  • Beecham Book Prize (Anatomy), National University of Singapore, First Professional Examination, 1993-4
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