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January 2020

According to recent studies and research work conducted across the globe, it has been proved that physical therapy is highly beneficial to take care of the several problems that is caused by lymphedema. A certified therapist will start gently and over time increase the intensity of the physiotherapy. Medical practitioners and experts believe that regular exercise plays a major role in reinstating the functionality of the arm. This way one will be able to use them better and handle the daily stress with great ease.

With each passing day the evidence supporting the benefits of physiotherapy with a person’s psychological and physiological health is undeniable. It is an effective and safe way to deal with the serious troubles associated with breast cancer and lymphedema. The survival rate for breast cancer patients is on the rise which means they are in need of specialized services to recover faster, this includes physiotherapy. Physiotherapyis an ideal option for breast cancer patients. This will empower the patients and help them manage their symptoms and overcome the numerous side effects of the treatment they are undergoing. It will help them recover way faster. Specialized physiotherapy clinics near your home are prepared to offer patients with premium quality services and care.

How does physiotherapy help patients with breast cancer and lymphedema?

There needs to be proper awareness among patients and others about the connection that exists between how a well conducted physiotherapy program can overcome all the complications that breast cancer brings with it. Lymphedema is a medical term that most of us are unaware of. It is the abnormal collection of fluid, high in protein right underneath our skin. This is mostly seen in the leg or arms of a person. However, the edema or swelling can even occur in the rest of the body like the breasts, neck, head, and even genitals. This symptom is usually developed when the lymph nodes or vessels are damaged. They also occur due to impaired or missing lymph nodes which happens due to primary lymphedema or a hereditary condition. The lymphatic fluid is carried through the lymph vessels that have a network inside your body. When this fluid, that is rich in protein accumulates in a specific region, it starts to swell. Apart from the swelling one also experiences inflammation and scarring of the tissues. All of this delays the wound from healing and bacteria starts to grow because oxygen and essential nutrients are cut out from that portion of the body.

The chances of infections are very high if the patient doesn’t seek the help of a certified physiotherapist. Breast Cancer is a matter of a serious worry and it causes a lot of pain to the patient who is undergoing it. But, it has been proved that patients who receive physical therapy enjoy better mobility and are far more comfortable than they used to be. A physiotherapist is the person that a patient starts to rely on. They open up to them about their pain and different challenges that they are facing.

The physiotherapist plays a very important role in addressing the problems of the patients.

● Patients often seek care and help before they opt for surgery regarding the prevention of lymphedema.
● Patients are given thorough instructions on how to wear their garments without hurting themselves. They are taught ways to care about themselves in a better way.
● Post-surgery patients must avail the benefits of physiotherapy, to improve their motion.
● Every patient who undergoes physical therapy stays far away from the clutches of doubts regarding surgery

The role of physiotherapists

Did you know that one out of every woman in the world today have an 85% chance to develop breast cancer? Early detection and improvements in modern day treatment is the reason behind the rise in survivors. Surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, and medication for breast cancer has its own set of harmful effects. It is then that physiotherapy steps in and solves the problems and deals with the side effects of the treatment.
These are some of the ways that physiotherapy can help a woman feel better –

● In order to facilitate the movement of the spine, neck, and shoulder manual therapy is the best option. It eliminates the pain, reduces the inflammation caused in the soft tissues, brings about a relaxed sensation, and helps to enhance the overall functioning of the body.

● Certified physiotherapists will design a program that has been customized according to the needs of a patient. Different kinds of exercise help a patient deal with the immense pain and discomfort associated with different stages of breast cancer.

● Your physiotherapist will give you the much-needed advice on how to stay away from trauma and infections. This will involve identifying the early signs of lymphoedema.

● Thorough assessments of your pelvic floor will be conducted. This will involve managing different issues related to bowel and bladder movement.

No matter what form of treatment or surgery you were subjected to, it is very important to perform exercises afterwards. This will help you regain your strength and deal with side effects. It is highly recommended that you book an appointment with a professional to take care of the several difficulties that you might be going through because of breast cancer and lymphedema. 

This article is contributed by Rapid Physiocare.