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October 2020

In Singapore, more women are diagnosed with breast cancer each year but early diagnosis and treatment can potentially increase survival rate.

According to the Health Promotion Board, the number of women with breast cancer has increased three times in the last 40 years. It is therefore important for women to take charge of their breast health.

Experts from Mount Elizabeth Hospitals specialising in breast disorders urge women not to put off their regular self-examinations, mammogram screenings and seek medical attention promptly if they notice any red flags.

While not all breast lumps lead to cancer, it is important to remain vigilant and seek medical attention if you detect one.

According to Dr Ong Kong Wee, a breast surgeon at MNH, a lump is considered “suspicious” and requires early medical attention if it has one or more of the following characteristics: It is hard, irregular, persistent (especially if it is still present by the next menstrual cycle) and is growing larger.

Dr Ong added that a common mistake is to think that a lump that is painless is harmless – virtually all cancerous lumps are not painful in the early stages. 

Excerpt from article published on 28 Oct 2020, Channel News Asia.

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