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July 2022

“Healers of the body and soul”

I started seeing Dr Ong for the management of benign breast lumps. Even before the first appointment, the first Whatsapp message sent by his team to advise me on what to bring for the appointment was detailed and clear, that served as a prelude to the wonderful experiences ahead.

On the management of the benign breast lumps, Dr Ong was prudent and thorough. Unlike my previous Dr who would rely on the recommendations of the radiologist to arrive at the diagnosis, he took the trouble to examine the ultrasound slides and was spot on in his diagnosis that the lumps were benign. No overtreatment, an experienced, professional and ethical doctor whom you can trust totally. Dr Ong will only recommend the treatments that are necessary. He also explained the reasons behind the diagnosis, using terms that a patient could comprehend.

A few months ago, some new suspicious spots were found on my routine mammogram. He examined the images with his usual thoroughness and advised me to undergo a biopsy and his team acted swiftly to arrange for the procedure. The new lesions proved to be malignant and once again, Dr Ong helped me with his expertise and experience on cancer treatment. He generously shared and educated me on the pros and cons of the various options and addressed my queries patiently. He is a doctor who walks a mile in his patient’s shoes in administering the most appropriate treatment and in dealing with my concerns.

The surgery to remove the cancer was arranged smoothly with the help of his team. All the necessary tests and checks were ordered and carried out seamlessly. The surgery itself was smooth and successful and it gifted me with a new lease of life. Dr Ong stitched me up with splendid skills. He has not only ensured that all the cancer were removed, but has also made every effort to take care of the aesthetic aspect of the scar, something I had not even requested for. That is how far Dr Ong cares for a patient’s well-being. My recovery after the surgery has been speedy with the team’s meticulous post-surgery care from surgical wound management to referral to a competent physiotherapist.

The saying of it takes a village to raise a child could be adapted here as there is a village here to heal a patient. What is impressive is that in addition to Dr Ong, his team are also capable and empathetic healers. On the logistic front, they are always efficient and have never failed to provide clear communications to me. When it comes to the human aspect, they are compassionate healthcare professionals who are always ready to help.

I want to give a loud shout out to Zhiqi whose help has accelerated my recovery physically and spiritually. Saying that she is competent, dedicated and altruistic would be an understatement. In her profession, Zhiqi excels at what she lays her hands on be it the management of surgical logistics, educating me on pre and post-surgery care, assisting in the operation theater and helping me with post-surgery management. Her outstanding work ethics often leaves me in awe and her selflessness in going beyond her work duties to ensure that a patient recovers well post-surgery has earned my admiration. I also want to express my appreciation to Xinhui who has helped me with all the tedious paperwork with great efficiency.

While it may not be difficult to find a competent doctor who can adequately treat a medical condition, it is not easy to find a doctor with formidable knowledge, experience, skills and a genuine sense of compassion for his patients. Physiological well-being certainly helps with physical healing. He is a doctor who treats a patient physically and with his care and benevolence, he also invariably heals the patient’s soul on a cancer journey. I believe many like me treat him with immense respect and gratitude. And these wonderful experiences are also made possible by his team whom I am also very grateful to. Sometimes words fall short but I still want to say a heartfelt thank you to Dr Ong, Zhiqi and the rest of his team.